Talk with Ajith Ravi ,Pegasus Event makers

Through Cochinsquare or other media many knew the big event that was held last year  in our own Cochin , Miss South India ,was a grand success.  The event was world class and many of us might wonder to know that the man behind such a big event event is a Kochite . Born and brought up in Cochin, Nothing stopped him from showing the world what a Kochite is capable of. Last day Cochinsqaure happened  to meet this personality ,  Mr. Ajit Ravi of Pegasus events and we were curious to know more about the man behind Miss South India.

CS : Its pretty hard to manage an event management company . But what made you start one ? How did the idea of an event management firm came into mind ?

Ajith : It was Mathrubhumi Kalolsavam which inspired me doing co-ordinations first.  That leads me to start an event management company.

CS : Most of the event management companies who has hundreds of poeple to work for them find it hard to successfully execute a program . How do you make your events a grand success with a comparatively small staff strength?

Ajith : Often as all know the hardest job of conducting events is finding sponsors and others use to utilize minimum 10 people for the marketing job. As marketing is my passion I used to do the marketing part for our events. And designing is the second thing wich an event company require. We have our own staff- Mrs. Gilsha Bindosh,  how can design our vision to the print. Third thing which an event management company requires is co-ordination. Co-ordination is been directly taken cared by me. Fourth thing is the backstage co-ordination that is been taken cared by my better half, Mrs. Jabi.  Fifth thing is to co-ordinate our clients and our guests, that is been taken cared by Mr.Pramod and myself along with my close friends – Jinny, Motty, Shijo, Rajesh, Eldhose and so on……… And the last thing and the major thing of an event is direction and timming. That will be taken cared by me and my wife.

Other things like stage, sound, camera’s……everything can be hired for an event.

CS : Miss south India , miss queen of India ..  what was your experience in conducting such big events. ?

Ajith : It was too hectic to find the sponsors in the beginning. I can say I have lost lakhs of money in the beginning stages. Now for the last three years everything is been smooth. I shouldn’t forget one name and that’s Mr. Krishnakumar, MD of Nupal Remedies who have helped me to change the face of our event. And  Mr. V.P.Nandkumar, Chairman of Manappuram Group helped me to go beyond the south through Miss Queen of India happening on March 9th at Bangalore.

Ajith & Jabi with Miss south India 2010 Contestants

CS : The next big event … ??

Ajith : Obviously we will be going ahead with an international event in the coming two years. Now I ‘m just concentrating on my upcoming events like Miss Queen of India, MBA Award, Minnalai TV and Film Awards and Miss South India. In between all the events of my excisting clients.

CS : Who do you see as your mentor or who is your role model , who had a big impact on what you are now ?

Ajith : I think in 90’s somewhere I had been to Mumbai to visit my cousins with my parents. And  I was the one who would take the opportunity to drop my cousin to his pilot training centre in Mumbai. But my actual aim was to see the person I dreamt of and admired. It’s none other than Big B……. But unfortunetly i couldn’t see him even after staying infront of his house for the whole day. I think in the mid of 90’s I happen to know from the medias that Miss world is been organised here in our country that too by my Big B. I was very much happy at that time…. Later I came to know that he was completely broken doing this pageant. But still he made us proud with conducting the event in an excellent manner. It is this incident that inspired me to think of Miss South India. To add more it’s not my final dream. I dream to conduct a Miss World in the near future that too in India itself. As a step ahead I am doing Miss Queen of India in Bangalore itself.

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