Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary

Thattekkad bird sanctuary located at an approximate distance of 20 kilometers from Kothamangalam on the Kochi Munnar route situated in Idukki district. The serene sanctuary came into being in the year 1983 and was discovered by Dr. Salim Ali the famous ornithologist. This sanctuary is home to 500 plus species of birds and other birds that migrate to this place during the migratory seasons. IT is open from 0600hrs -1700hrs.

Nestled among evergreen forests this sanctuary is home to indigenous birds like the Malabar grey Hornbill ,the woodpecker, rose-ringed and the blue winged parakeet and rare birds like the Bee-eater, Falcon Grey, Jungle Fowl, Black Winged Kite, Shrike, Crimson-throated Barbet, Ceylon Frogmouth, Sunbird, Night Heron, Blue winged parakeet, white-breasted water hen, rose-billed Roller, Hornbill etc.

Apart from the birdlife one can also spot various animals like the leopard, porcupine, bear, deer and various other animals including the majestic elephants. At least 28 species of animals can be spotted here. Cobras and pythons are common among the reptiles. The place is also noted for the majestic king cobra which is revered through out India.

The sanctuary also is abounding in plant life with mahogany, teak and rosewood vying for places. There are also a variety of plants which are endogenous to the region .These huge trees provide the lush canopy. The thick forest coverer apart from being a safe haven for birds is also a treat for wildlife lovers and bird enthusiasts alike.

By JayaKrishnan Unnithan

A regular Mallu writing cause "I like writing....."