The Adventurists’ Rickshaw Run

Has anyone heard about the ‘Richshaw Run’ ?

I was showing some American friends around Kochi a week ago,when I came across a group of  non Indians playing soccer with some local young boys and then later, a larger of the same group, holding a big bash celebration at the Bolghatty Palace Hotel grounds.

They were part of  an “Adventurists” group, a fund raising organization who also enjoy traveling. It was founded by a young   29 y.o. social entrepreneur, Katie Alcott, from Bristol, England , traveling north India some years back.

They hold 3 annual fund raising marathons in separate regions of the world, one being the “Rickshaw Run” that starts in Northeast India and ends in Kochi. They recruit participants via internet ranging from ages 18-70. They reportedly raised 8 Lakhs English Pounds for charities/poor communities on this event alone.

Check out this Cool trailer of last Rickshaw run .

What a hoot….kudos to all those who participated…If I were a bit younger and more brave, sure would join them!

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By najmeer

A Mallu, a practising Physician in Family Medicine and Urgent Care in USA, resides partly here in Kochi. Passionate about human dignity and respect for the environment.

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