The Chakyar is Coming to Kochi this May!

Chakyarkootu in kochi

Chakyarkootu in kochi

Mamangam – The School of Dance is bringing the Chakyar to Kochi!!  Chakyar Kootu is Kerala’s own standup comedy art form and one of our oldest classical theater art forms. The chakyar usually uses wit and humor to reflect upon the current socio-political events and the use of prose and poetry makes it a entertaining watch.

Mammangam has been one of the most popular centers in Kochi promoting both traditional and modern art forms including dancing and aims to help students discover their own styles under the strong rooted tutelage of renowned masters, handpicked from across the country.

Mr. Suraj Kaninadi will be performing his duties as the chakyar on May 16th, Saturday from 6.30 at Cafe Papaya. Click here to book your tickets through BookMyShow today to reserve your spot and laugh away!

Have you ever been to a chakyarkootu before and caught the chakyars’ attention? Oh boy, we would love to hear what happened next!

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