The ‘Yamaha SZ Tour: Stay Ahead ‘ to finish in Cochin

The one month long Yamaha SZ tour , will culminate in a gala event which will be held in cochin on 17th october. The tour began on 15th of last month when 20 selected riders started off the journey in brand new Yamaha SZ’s from Delhi.

When the rally reaches Cochin , the bikers would have covered 67 cities,  17 states in one month. Twenty bikers were  divided into 2 teams, each team consisting of 10 members started  their journey from Delhi and rode through different routes across the country.  The culmination of the “Yamaha SZ Tour” will take place in Cochin  in presence of a huge fanfare.

The tour was intended to spread the idea of safe riding among local communities. The safe riding education programme  which Yamaha proudly calls the ” Yamaha safe riding Science ” (YSRS) will be conducted to propagate the idea of  safe riding habits and traffic safety awareness.

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