Velocity Bar & Restaurant at Kochi

One of the most hip bars in town is the Velocity Bar & Restaurant. Located near the High Court Junction, just before the turn to Marine Drive, its easily accessible to Cochin’s thirsty dwellers. Perfectly placed for city dwellers, it’s location is apt. It’s the place for Cochin’s hard working executives to hang out after a hard day at work or on a Sunday to have a few drinks with your buddies.

The place is great, the ambiance is great, the lighting is moody & dim. They have the place set up a bit like a race track (which explains the name) with alternating bright & dim lights built to the floor.  The wallpapers are brick styled with posters of some movies like Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction, classic drinks like Jack Daniels and some other stuff. They serve their customers with drink specific glasses; like the image above is for vodka, gin and cognac. The beer is served in these really long glasses which I think is appropriate and I didn’t miss the classic beer mugs at all.

They also have a large flat screen tv in there that blasts one of the Hindi music channels all day long, although I think it does not go well with the decoration of the bar. A couple of times that I was there, they had played dvds of artists like Madonna, Michael Jackson & Kylie Minogue.

The food is priced a bit too expensive. Everything is priced way too much than what you can get at smaller restaurants nearby. A half plate of chilly fish is Rs.200! The food is good but not worth the money that they charge. But I must admit, they give free small packets of mixture.

Overall, a place I would go to once in a while, either alone or with friends as it is a great place to hang out. The lounge style sofas are really comfortable so bring your friends and colleagues for a few drinks.


  1. Nice, I feel like having a visit.

    How about a map so that new comers don’t get lost?

  2. Its not popular cause no one probably knows it exists and if they do most wouldn’t want to go around finding it unless they’ve seen a map before hand?

  3. Velocity isnt that advicable.. there a couple of better bars around.. try castle rock near manorama jn . thats definitly better and affordable or try rooftop of venus..

  4. The food at Venus is just ok. I wouldn’t recommend Venus for drinks and food.

  5. I have seen women there on a couple of occasions. But…one time it was a big family who came in for lunch (3 ladies and a young girl of about 15-16, some men and a couple of kids) and the other time was a foriegner with two locals. If you are going in a group I think it would be fine. It’s not as big or posh as Loungevity and from what I have heard but not seen, Couch Inn.

  6. things i like about velocity is the pulp fiction poster..and the brick wall, which gives a classic ambiance…
    i don’t call it velocity bar and degrade it..i call it velocity pub (minus the dancefloor) .

  7. To tell you the truth Tito, a pub & a bar in the original sense is almost the same. A pub, as what people call them in Bangalore (and maybe some other cities) is a bit different than a bar. Besides, the owners have named it Velocity Bar and that is good enough for me!

  8. ive been there twice , i recommend the place 4 its ambience ,the couch is comfortable nd to mention the beer glass tall ones ,there is one pint kf lager bottle which is like a tesla coil generating lightning inside a glass enclosure ,datz the 1st thing that caught my attention.

  9. i hav been dere only once…i found it affordable and moreover comfortable.

    i felt like a latin american pub

  10. the night life in kochi is next to shit. the girls in the city are too conservative, not that im blaming them. the narrow outlook of the people will have to change. kochi unlike other metros is only going to develop.with its natural harbour ,it is one of the most quckly growing cities. but for the city to grow even more it should have a proper night scene , which kochi currently lacks. im a guy from kochi and i can sympathise with the hypocrites who wanna leave tis magnificient city for b’lore or delhi….but if the nitescene and party increase over here…it will b a big FUK U to tem al…

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