Volvo Ocean Race : Final Day

The Volvo Ocean Race Bandwagon has been in the city for some time…. And, I hadn’t checked it out…

Today morning I woke up and said “What?! I need to check this out now !!” (Actually, today morning a friend called me up, and said “Get out of bed and come to Island you lazy *******.” But, hey, why go into the finer details..)

Man, has Island transformed !! I remember going there a couple of months ago….

And now everything is different.. The organisers did a really good job of convincing the visitors that Kerala is rocking, it seems…

As a friend of mine was saying, if any of these people were to come back again after a few years, and shown around, they’d probably end up in a fight with their guides : “No, this is not Cochin. !!” 🙂

And, I have to say.. The road that goes to Island, for a moment, I felt my Splendour being airborne, and no, it wasn’t coz I drove over a bump…. 🙂

The crowds were really in today… I don’t remember seeing such big queues since last Onam outside the Beverage Corporation….

There were countless stalls, loud blaring music, and the people to make it all happen.. ; today was a good day to be out.. ( If you don’t mind the scorching sun !!)

And, if, you’re pathetically weak, and raring to get out of the sun (As I) may I recommed the Volvo pavillion??

In short, some pretty cool stuff… Engines twice the size of my bike, taken as a whole, concept cars,  a huge trailer cab… etc etc…

And, did I mention some of these things work on electricity??

Outside meanwhile, a guy on a paraglider was doing his rounds and pulling off some nice acrobatics…

And, yes, I had to watch all this from behind the fence…

All coz, I dint stand in queue on time….

But, hey, the cars I saw was well worth it.. Some really cool stuff.. I mean, just check out the cars they had in their outside parking lot.. So you can only imagine what it was like inside..

There were also a myriad of stalls, desi stalls, for the content of the ordinary man…..

The usual vendors, yelling out the usual stuff (Unfortunately.. I mean, I can imagine what foreigners would say once they got back home.. ” City is good, but like the vendors… Well.. ”

And some really cool paintings too.. If you’re into paintings that is.. This one especially caught my eye..

And there was also a stall thta featuerd entries by students..

Anyhow, I wish I had stayed there all of today, and seen all the things that happened, but, unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances (and promising opportunities) resulted in me leaving prematurely..

But, it was a good day.. Time well spent, in awe, I have to say..


By Jr

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