Watch Out Captivating Backwaters Unfolding Behind Your Tweets!

Tweet with #greatbackwaters and surveil the fascinating waterworld beauty of the backwaters of God’s Own Country as it uncovers on the Kerala Tourism campaign page!  The feeling would be just mind boggling and breezy. Like all the previous Kerala Tourism campaigns, this one too is going viral at social hubs and eagerly waiting to see the landscape getting unlocked with the number of tweets.

Tweeting #greatbackwaters you not only witness each tweet block uncovering the hidden image, there you could grab attractive prizes. Isn’t it a feeling like never before? Undoubtedly, Yes!

great backwaters campaign by kerala tourism

Thanks to Kerala Tourism for again proclaiming alluring memories of God’s own country with thoughtful campaigns and keeping the social fans on their toes for the final glimpse.

Tweet and shout the campaign to the world, let’s unveil the beauty of our pristine nature.